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Niles Media Group is dedicated to excellence in media content creation, TV remote productions, sales, marketing, distribution, and education.

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Remote Productions

Our award winning management team is committed to creating high quality and cost-effective productions. Our talented experienced staff builds our own production units and are committed to excellence during every production.


Our proprietary technologies and exclusive relationships that advance us past our competitors. We have a proven track record of sales and marketing success. From TV to team sponsorship, Niles Media Group knows how to generate revenue across all platforms for its partners with the industry’s top advertisers.


Work with broadcast programs with school districts and universities. We train students and assist with game productions as well as with marketing intellectual properties. We work closely with Liberty and North Kansas City on their broadcast programs. We also have a strong influence on the UMKC broadcast program and assist them with their game productions as well as TV shows.

Production Support

Our editing staff produces new media content daily and provides support from the studio for our remote productions. We use state of the art technology and the newest editing platforms to ensure we efficiently produce high quality content for our productions. We also have an amazing travel and logistics team that work diligently to provide the best support for our productions. Beyond our remote productions, we also provide assistance with media needs ranging from commercials to web design.

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